I have very large boobs and I was wondering if I get judged more because of them!

Question: I have very large boobs and I was wondering if I get judged more because of them?
Please Help!


You wont be judged in a bad way.

I am slim and petite with larger breasts, and I know what people think of them.

It will, most likely, attract more guys than you maybe want to attract. Guys like boobs....its not a surprise. They might also refer you to their friends as the 'girl with big ****'. (Believe me, I know) But if any guy or girl gets to know you better I'm sure he will appreciate who you are, rather than the size of your chest. If you have a pretty face and a nicer body then you have the whole package, and you should embrace your femininity. Even if not, bigger breasts are still a sign of femininity and you will learn to love them :)

Dont worry about what people judge you on though. Anyone who judges what someones like because of their boobs is a tool :P

Well... seeing how your name is Nick.. I'm just going to go ahead and assume you're NOT a woman, more along the lines of a teenage boy looking to see the answers you're going to get, if not, sorry. :x

Anyways, no you will not get judged. The only 'judging' you'll get is who boobs are bigger, yours, or Cherry Walker down the street. People love boobs. :p

Yes, it is an unspoken fact that a girl with big boobs is always a subject of attraction among the boys. I know of my experience that boys always love bigger boobs. You should not get worried about it and enjoy being big.

Well boobs do attract attention

I don't think that you would get judged more but more people probably want to suck on them.

yes you do nickkk

you die alone in the end anyways so who cares what everyone else thinks

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