I am 26 years old and I just got a call about abnormal pap results....scared.?!

Question: I am 26 years old and I just got a call about abnormal pap results....scared.?
My obgyn just called me and told me that I had abnormal results on my pap smear. I am completely devastated. I have to go in to have a cervical sample taken. She told me that mine is the mildest of all of the different classes of abnormal pap smears. What exactly does that mean? Does that mean that I don't have cancer or does it mean I probably don't....or what? She tried to calm me and said that it was abnormal cell growth but I'm scared.

I have a one year old little boy who is my entire world and I'm frozen with fear. I'd also like to have at least 1 more child and that is upsetting me to. Does anyone have some insight? I'm just so upset, I can barely do anything. I can't go in for the cervical sample procedure until next week....then I have to wait 1+ weeks for the results. I'm not sure how to cope with the unknown for 3 more weeks. Help. :(


You are really worried about nothing. There are five stages of abnormal cell growth. I had the third...right in the middle. What is going to happen is much like a pap with a microscope to see your cervix better. They will wash your cervix with a vinegar solution to see the abnormal cells better (they will turn white). Then the doctor will use a brush looking thing to scrape some skin cells from your cervix. Mine didn't hurt too much, but I had some mild cramping the rest of the day. You will still be able to have more children. If this does turn into cancer, which it probably won't, and it is not an aggressive form, your doctor should put off any kind of surgery for you to have a baby. That is what my doctor told me.

I know you're scared, my sister got a call like that a few weeks ago and we were all EXTREMELY worried/scared. But, there is no point in freaking out now, because in my sister's case they told her they were sure it was cancer, and guess what! It wasn't!! Those doctors do make mistakes and besides that, abnormal could mean anything. Please, take a deep breath, because stress won't help. You will be OK, and if you do have cancer (which is highly unlikely), that kind of cancer is extremely treatable in just a few visits, I don't remember how exactly, but they told my sister that. So, don't worry, you'll be ok.

Hertha, She said it was the mildest of all the different classes of abnormal pap smears, this should tell u that it's not that bad, nobody will know until the biopsy comes back, yes they sending the other smear for a biopsy so everyone will know the truth. I was diagnosed with early abnormal cell growth, the doctor i did not know, he did an exam took the sample and told me I HAD CANCER. When i started to cry he asked why i was crying and said all we had to do was a total Hysterectomy, I knew this doc would not touch me with a knife, my mom went with me to her GYN and he did the operation, I was 27. I had 1 son and i was happy with that, i got used to it and enjoyed not having periods anymore, I know ur scared and if u have a Higher Power i would be Praying. I will be Praying for u too. Good Luck If u will let me know how this turns out thru my profile u can e-mail me.

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An abnormal test result doesn't necessarily mean that you have cancer, but you do have a higher risk of developing cancer in the future. With further tests, they can determine what exactly is wrong and how far developed it is, and come up with a treatment plan. Usually, abnormal cell growth means precancerous cells, so whatever it is, they've caught it before it'd become a problem. Even removal of your cervix will not prevent you from getting pregnant again in the future, but you will need intervention to carry to term, and possibly bed rest. With more tests, they may discover that they were wrong and that there really is nothing wrong with you, but will invite you back more regularly for screening in case this does become an issue.

Hon, while this is scary now, be thankful that you're not getting the news that you have terminal cancer and you have to say goodbye to your baby. The likelihood is that you'll go for some treatment, be done and carry on with life as normal. If it was really bad news, they try not tell you over the phone, so this is something that can be dealth with, with minimal disruption to your life.

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