Period helpp! Girls please help!?!

Question: Period helpp! Girls please help!?
Well Im going on vacation soon and Im due for my period. I want have my period at the beginning of vacation and I already have all the signs that I have a few days before my period. (gas (ik gross) and less discharge). I heard that if you take vitamin C or drink orange juice, it will help your period come earlier. If I continue taking Vitamin C supplements will it help my period come a little earlier, how much earlier, and why? Please help!!
And if I get it there, I havent used tampons yet. I will have to. How and please help!!


I never heard of the vitamin C and orange juice thing before so I don't know if it works.. But no matter when you have your period during your vacation you will be fine. It won't stop you from doing things or having fun just use a tampon. Here's how:

Well there are instructions in every box but they can be hard to understand sometimes. So here you go :) (This is for a plastic applicator which are my favorite and I find to go in easiest.)
- First take it out of the wrapper..
-Then put your fingers (I prefer middle and thumb) on the skinnier part that sticks out. It will probably have ridges.
- Out your pointer finger on the top of the skinnier part.
-Get in a comfortable position and relax, some people like to put a foot up on the toilet some like to just spread their legs apart what ever works for you.
-Put the thicker side in your vagina. If you don't know where this is then use a mirror and it is the biggest hole.
- Aim up and towards your back, this is the only way it could go in.
-Push it in until your thumb and middle finger reach your body.
-Push in with your pointer finger (On the part it was on) until it stops.
-Pull out both parts of the applicator
-If it feel uncomfortable it is in wrong or might not be in far enough so take it out and try again with a new tampon.

Don't use a tampon with an absorbency that is too high for you because if it is not saturated (wet) enough then it will hurt to get out. Don't keep it in for longer than 8 hours because you can get Toxic Shock Syndrome (TSS) even though it is very rare. Good luck. <3

By the way, I'm sure you know this but if you get cramps take some Midol or other pain reliever. Don't let your period slow you down. :)<3

I never heard that Vitamin C makes your period come before.
There are websites to help you understand how to use a tampon. Always make sure to remove it the right time. Never leave it in more than 6 hours.

=) good luck

Orange juice does NOT induce a period. The potassium in orange juice is actually supposed to soothe period cramping. Same goes to vitamins, sometimes.

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