i keep getting a lot of discharge, and i dont know why?!

Question: I keep getting a lot of discharge, and i dont know why?
im not due on my period, and the discharge changes, some days its thick, white and globby, and then some days its clear and runny.
i dont know why this is or whats causing it, i had a smear test the other month which came back normal and i did mention this discharge to the nurse, but she looked at me like "what" and said she had no idea what that was from. should i make an appointment to see a doctor and hope that he knows


By all means see your GP. If it's clumpy (like cottage cheese), smells a bit off and makes your vagina itch like crazy then it is most likely thrush. But you don't mention that and i'm sure you would have done if you were experiencing those symptoms. So i would have to say it's quite likely to be your average every day discharge. Some women get it more than others. It will also change colour and consistency depending on whereabouts in your cycle you are. Like mine is normally watery until a week before i am due on, then it becomes creamier (sorry if that's tmi lol). You will probably see a change around the time you ovulate.

We are all different, but its all pretty normal. But, yes, see your GP if you are worried.

The nurse doesn't sound very caring, perhaps you should go and see your doctor if the discharge is worrying you. All women get a discharge, particularly in the middle of their cycle, if you're in pain or if the discharge is a bit whiffy then you have an infection. But the doctor is your first port of call.

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