to deal with boob sweat?!

Question: to deal with boob sweat?
I cup breasts are no fun in the sun! Every time I go outside I feel like I have a pound of water in my bra cups! What are some good tricks to getting rid of boob sweat? :/


Hi Joy,

Easy answer - antiperspirant spray. Talc is likely to make an unpleasant mess, just use any decent antiperspirant under your breasts and your problem is solved, or at least greatly reduced.

A 34F ex.

Go to any medical/hospital supply and ask them for wicking material. Tell them what you want it for and they will understand what you are asking for. You can cut this into any shape or size you like. You simply place under the breast and it constantly pulls moisture out fro underneath.

You can put baby powder under them and in your bra thats what i do i think they should make boob deodorant lol good luck

talc should help, apply it onto yr body it will keep you dry

antiperspirant is another option

I'll tell you after you tell me how to deal with ball sweat

i have an erection. nuff said =P

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