Why are the words vagina and tampon so funny?!

Question: Why are the words vagina and tampon so funny?
I bet the person who made them up was giggling the whole time..


Conundrum and east are much funnier.
Really, when you're talking just about how things sound and ignoring their meaning your two choices come up a bit short.

They're not.

Yeah. I went there.

What are you an 8 year old boy that laughs when he hears boobies?

Grow up.

There not funny

<_< and guess what! I went there......but guess what ***** i ant comming back! OH

I have to agree that they do sound strange, I think we all know that.

But I wouldn't really say those words are "funny"

because your so immature.

Umm they aren't to funny n

People are immature.

Yeah, soo hilarious (!)
Cumon grow up

I don't find them, to be funny at all.

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