Help ladies does he like me?!?!

Question: Help ladies does he like me?!?
Ok so I really like this guy we are both 14 and go to the same school but I was wondering if he likes me. Here are the signs well before I tell you I asked if he liked me and he said as a friend but after I told him I liked him he said ha oh. what does that text mean?

- he glances at me sometimes
-when my friend (before I told him I liked him) texted him saying j liked him right after he texted me saying hey
-we talk about our life situation
- we had to write poems in language and we both wrote ours about our dads
-he asked why I was crying one time,, like he actually cared.:)
-and he always looks back at me in language when I do something,weird.
-and he's always trying to make fun or make me laugh:)


the things u stated r coincedence,& if u think that he really cares about u is totally a misconception...if guys like a girl then we keep paying attention at what she does,every guy has a soft corner for girls bt it doesnt mean that ur special,be as a friend if ur not sure he wants u to be his gf :)

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