im very insecure about my height lately :(?!

Question: Im very insecure about my height lately :(?
ok, so im 5"10 , which is very tall for a 14 year old girl . and lately i feel very self consious about my height and its putting me down :( i feel like no boys like me because im probably taller than them , and i heard some boys talking about me in school and they said ' that girls alright but shes just too tall' i just wish i was small and i just want to lock myself away from everyone :[ and some boy said to me on facebook ' i like you but u'd have to get down on ur knees to kiss me ' it makes me feel so different to everyone else!


I'm 17 and I know exactly how you feel. I'm 5'11 and until now i was 5'10 since i was twelve. i used to think that no boys would ever like me either. And i've heard over a thousand times "i'd date you if you werent so tall" "youre too tall for me". I hated it. All of my friends are waay waaay shorter than me and get a lot f attention from guys. But once you get to high school, boys will start getting taller and growing up and become more mature too. And guys love long legs, the LOVE them. trust me. My boyfriend, who is just a little bit shorter than me by the way, loves my legs. and pretty soon your friends will start to notice and get jealous of you. Dont be insecure about your height. Im insecure about mine sometimes too. But i have to remember that only tall people like us can be beautiful models. and pretty soon, guys will notice how sexy you are. I promise you

personal experience. le sigh

i had to answer this because my sisters name is sophie and she is the same height and you remind me of her :)
shes always dating boys shorter than her. her boyfriend now might be 2 inches shorter. but height in a relationship shouldnt matter. of course its whats on the inside that matters :) he should like you for who you are, and how happy you make each other. he should see you for that. not for your height. dont let the get to you. theyre probably insecure about who knows what :P youll find someone, you have plenty of time :)

hey im 21 and 5'10 now, when i was 14 i was about 5'8. i always used to be really conscious of my height but over time ive learnt that it honestly isnt a big deal. yeah some guys may not be into it but plenty that are shorter than me show interest. just remember that loadsa people would die to be as tall as you! x

I'm 14 to and I think that it's fine to be that height and that all the other guys will eventually grow a lot taller then u. You have nothing to worry about:)

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