can she do that to him?!

Question: Can she do that to him?
yesterday went i went to pick up my bro almost at the end of school i was walking down the hall and heard some yelling coming out of 1 of the rooms. it was the special education class. i looked in the window and saw the teacher and this 1 kid, he was maybe 11, i'm not sure. but the teacher, she gets him down on the ground so he lays with his face down, laying on his stomach. he's yelling at her. she puts his hands behind his back, and put 1 leg over each side of him, she sat on the upper part of his legs so she had him laying down, hands behind him, she sat on him. he was yelling at her, cussing a few times and fighting HARD to get her off him. i dunno, push her off his legs or get his hands free. he couldn't though, he was pissed because he couldn't move at all. finally i guess he just gave up trying because he stopped and put his head down on the floor and laid there, he was crying hard. i was staring because i was surprised. i mean, can she do this to him? she's not that tall, but she was heavier than him for sure and she put him on the floor pretty quick, there was no way he could get out of it. i didn't know she is supposed to do this. she saw me looking in the window and told me to keep going down the hall, and watched so i left. i don't know why she did that, but can she do that to him? is there anything he could have done against her at all?


Sometimes kids are in special education because the have MAJOR behavioral problems. Things that would maybe more appropriately addressed in a special institution. However, a lot times parents are already exhausted handling these kids and they just want the local school to handle it. Which is unfair. Anyhow, this kid, cussing and screaming, very well could have been trying to attack the teacher. If she was so calm in telling you to keep moving, she had her wits about her, and I doubt she was acting impulsively. She has probably been given permission to physically restrain the boy if she has to. Cut her some slack. There is a special school nearby my college that my sister used to work at. Sometimes she would have to TACKLE kids if they were trying to hurt someone or something. The teacher has a right to defend herself, and she wasn't hurting him--she's bigger and probably needed to restrain him. If it really bothered you, maybe you can go in and ask her what happened. But she did it in public, he was acting pretty wild, told you to keep walking (without trying to hide what she was doing), it sounds to me like she was fully within her rights and it was probably appropriate for the situation. It isn't always pretty dealing with behaviorally problematic kids, but sometimes it's really scary and you fear for your safety. You've got the right to protect yourself. You want to do things to help them on a mental and emotional level, but that can't happen when they think they can hurt you.

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Well apparently the brat was being a little **** to her. She just put him down and let him fight it out for a while. He needed to be taught a lesson. It doesn't sound like she hurt any part of him except his pride. Taken down by a female school teacher! Special Ed or not, he probably had it coming.


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