At what age did you get your period??!

Question: At what age did you get your period??
Do you think it affected your growth time?
How long after your period did you stop growing?


I was nine. I didn't stop growing until I was about fifteen-- but I'm the short one in my family. My sister got hers when she was about twelve, I think, and she's still growing-- she's three inches taller than I am, and four years younger.

13, it was actually just 5 months ago. I'm now 13 and a half, but I had just turned 13.

I'm still growing. I actually just went from 5'4, to almost 5'5.

I was 11 and I was 5'4" then. I'm 5'5" now and 27.

I got it at 12 :)
Yeah, I think it did
I'm still growing


I was 13

at that time I was 4'9.
Now at 16 I'm 5'3 1/2

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