are my boobs supposed to be hard?!

Question: Are my boobs supposed to be hard?
my boobs are hard, and they don't feel right. they don't hurt or anything, it's like the whole boobs itself, not just the top, or near the nipple...when I squeeze my booby it just feels like your squishing a hard piece of meet, I know I know it sounds wierd but yeah


Hi Alyssa,

Excuse me being a guy, but don't worry about it, that's perfectly normal. Some girls have very dense breast tissue which would feel as you describe, other girls much less dense tissue which can be a much softer, almost watery feeling - both are normal. If you're under 20 it's also possible you're still growing and at that age your breasts are most likely to feel tight and dense - as women age breast tissue tends to become less dense, this is just the normal result of hormonal variation and the aging process.

Girlfriends (32A to 34F, all sorts of shapes and densities!)

boobs are only hard if there fake or seriously messed up or frozen

I had a girlfriend like that once she was very fit and healthy.

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