My period cramps are really painful! What should I do?!

Question: My period cramps are really painful! What should I do?

Put a hot compress where it hurts at. If you dont have a hot compress, then fill a plastic bag up with semi hot water, lea down, put a towel on you(so it doesnt burn you), and put the hot compress near/on your cramps. :)

I had this problem before also. You have to see your doctor right away and they will suggest to you birth control pills to regulate your period and make the cramps decrease dramatically. Also if your flow is heavy it will become lighter. This is all perfectly safe. And the pills can be requested as low dosage. I did this and my period became much more bearable. Also, it protects from getting pregnant of course.

Previous experience

I'm on my period now, and I was having a huge problem with my cramps too. Here's what I did that helped me:

-Give your body things rich in potassium. Like drinking orange juice, or eating banana. If you don't like eating bananas alone, make it into a smoothie, with very little sugar because sugar worsens cramps. Or chop some of the banana into your cereal.
- Drink herbal teas (decaffeinated ones. Caffeine worsens cramps). Any tea is fine, but chamomile and peppermint tea hold out longer.
-Take a warm shower
-Keep yourself moving, because when you exercise, even if it's just vigorous walking, you can't feel the cramps!
-Laying down on my bed, with a pillow to support my back and neck just helps.

Try to avoid sugar,salt, caffiene, and greasy foods. These are known to worsen cramps.

midol or ibuprufen . some people say picklejuice can help , i find that drinking lots of water relieves them . Your uterus is like a sponge , so the more water you drink the less painful your cramps will be. also try laying with a heating pad on your lower back

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