Personal problem girls only please!?!


Personal problem girls only please!?

When I go to the bathroom it hurts extremly bad its a very painfull burning i can almost not even pee it hurts so bad and if I touch it (I mean when I whipe) it hurts does anyone know if maybe it just a yest infection or something like that if u know what it is please tell me i want to treat it and I want to treat it soon

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2 weeks ago
i think it might be from masterbation and im underaged so im scared

2 weeks ago
and could it be a bladder infection if it hurts only on the vagina not really the bladder

2 weeks ago
but it couldnt be cirvical cancer could it i dont think so but im just asking i dont want anyone to know i masterbate

2 weeks ago
if i talk to the doctor with out my mom in the room im afraid she may find out because I didn't want her in there and what if the doctors tells her all ive really done it toched myself with my hand and maybe they weren't clean it not any thing serious is it?

2 weeks ago
can u gat std from masterbation because i am a virgin

2 weeks ago
this cannot be from the masterbation can it

2 weeks ago
and the doctor will not have to look at my vagina will they?

2 weeks ago
my bladder doesnt hurt at least i dont think it kinda does


I think that is either a yeast infection or an STD...either way you need to go to a doctor ASAP!

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