Why are my periods so irregular?!


Why are my periods so irregular?

i started my periods wen i was 12 and i am 16 now i have never had regular periods but i have not been on for 2months and i know i am not pregnant because my boyfriend and i use contraception and i he never ejaculates in me! it is doing my head in because i can b on for 6days in 1month then not come on for 1,2 or even 3months.


Hi there there could be many reasons that your periods are irregular.
If you are having sex then pregnancy should be ruled out - condomes are not always 100% reliable.
It could be an hormonal inbalance - pcos or your thyroid do you have any other symptons -
excess weight - excess hair - heavy periods - long lasting periods - irregular spotting inbetween periods.
It could be the age thing aswell as it takes a few years to settle into a regular cycle - some women are never regular.
It could be stress delaying your period - worring about exams etc.
I would go and have a chat with a nurse or doctor to set your mind at rest. Its probably nothing serious but at least you will have peace of mind
good luck

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