What woman has the biggest boobs in the world?!


What woman has the biggest boobs in the world?


In the book, Human Oddities by Martin Monestier, there is a topless photo of a woman with 44-pound breasts measuring 33 inches in circumference. However in modern times the largest breasts around belong to Norma Stitz (USA, born Annie Hawkins-Turner) who takes a size 56WW Bra. Those are the biggest natural breasts.

The biggest fake ones are for Lolo Ferrari (November 8, 1970 - March 5, 2000) was a dancer and actress billed as "the woman with the largest breasts in the world". Born Eve Valois in Clermont-Ferrand, Puy-de-Dôme, France The current Guinness record for a living person is held by "Maxi Mounds" (US) -

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