What is???????????!


What is???????????

masturbating and hymen??? I saw that somewhere and what the hell is it?


Masturbation is when you touch your genitals for pleasure. Girls stick fingers in there vagina, masage there clitoris, some times use toys and rub there nipples. You do this when you feel horny then you orgasm. When people want sex and they cant have sex they would often masturbate. Once youve done that for a while you orgasm, some girls have liquid when they orgasm some girls dont. Your legs go numb and tingly and it feels weird kind of like a peeing sensation at first and then you orgasm.. Porns tend to over exaggerate the orgasm though so you probably wont be bucking like a bull and howling but some girls so squirm, breathe heavy or moan. Its on the individual.

Hymen is a part in your vagina that 'breaks' when you have sex. I dont believe it serves a purpose. When girls say there first sexual experience hurt and they bled its usually because they broke there hymen. It is not excruiating but it does hurt a little bit.

You Hymen may break when you exercise, insert a tampon or anything. So if your hymen has broken before you have sex it doesnt really matter, it means nothing. Its just a skin fold thats all.

If you ever hear the term 'Popping her Cherry' it means they are breaking your hymen and taking your virginity :)

Hope I helped

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