Can you start feeling.....?!


Can you start feeling.....?

OK I know that this is a crazy question....... but it has been 11years since I had a baby.......................... can you start feeling your uterus expand 2 weeks after conceiving.....see I don't even know yet if I am I am just really stressed because I went from the patch back to the pill and in that first week that I started the pill my husband and I had sex twice without a backup and now I am thinking I am pregnat just because when I was pregnat with my daughter 11 years ago I can remember the feeling of my uterus expanding and it is the same feeling I am getting now but I am not sure if it is just not stress of thinking that I am.......
help me put my mind to rest.............................


well most pills need at least a week, if not a month to start protecting you. so you might very well be pregnant. if you think you are, your body will comply and you will get all symptoms you can imagine, even if you are not. so relax, stop trying to find proof that you are pregnant, and wait until the time comes to have ur period. it it is more than 10 days late, take a pregnancy test and we´ll see. taking one before will show a negative anyways, so no point in that.
and that uterus thing, it´s just your mind. relax.

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