was just told I am underweight, but i dont feel it && dont see myself like it.
I was just dancing to this song I did about 10 times and the song is 4:50 min
I was working really hard and i started to sweat alot (the song is really fast) and i started to feel really dizzy and my back started to hurt really bad and i felt like everything stopped working in my body for a moment and i fellt as if i was going to barf and i did my ears started throbbing and my feet go numb.
Everything i just told you except the everything in my body stopping i still feel .....what happenend?

my legs are shaking

I am not extremely underweight liike 15-20 lbs i think that what she said...


Considering that you are 13 and 4'11 (as read in your other question) 15 to 20 lbs underweight is REALLY underweight.

It sounds as though you came very close to passing out. Are you drinking water? Eating? You exercised for about 45 minutes and apparently it was pretty intense, so if you aren't eating your bosy has no fuel to run on.

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