IUD's and weight problems?!


IUD's and weight problems?

I had my on 3 years ago. I got the Mirena IUD soon after. I havent been able to lose weight at all. no matter what i do. I have tried just about everything. even went as far as to throw up what I ate (dont preach about either...i know how bad that was). nothing has worked. I weighed 171 lbs. when i left the hospital having my osn and now i weigh 165lbs. that is the most weight loss i have had. I told the docotors i wanted to remove it for weight loss reasons and they said that the IUD has nothing to do with weight problems.

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3 weeks ago
(response to an answer)I think you would need to be far more over weight than I am to consider gastric bypass.

I am only around 20 lbs overweight


While the progesterone in the IUD MIGHT be causing your problem, it most likely is not the issue. It could be that your metabolism has shifted since having your son. Many women reach a "plateau" weight and cannot budge from it, no matter what they do. If you have seen a dietitian or have participated in a diet plan (Jenny Craig, etc) and still are not having results, then you might want to consider bariatric surgery. Its just an option, but it might be the only one.

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