GIRLS ONLY why does this happen, can somebody tell me why?!


GIRLS ONLY why does this happen, can somebody tell me why?

im have period problems i started my period in 2005 like September 15 then i started it @ the begining of the month & now im starting early like on the 27 of each month its been goin' on 4 a while now mostly this year tho i dont get y im getting my periods early y cant i get them on the 1st or sum other date cuz my period is ruining my plans that i have like my BFF bday i cant go cuz its @ soak city & i have my period i waz thinking bout taking her sumwhere else instead but every time i have sumthing planed my period ruins it cuz im feelin' good or i dont feel like goin' is there a way 2 changer ur period like how does it change & y did my period change 2 starting early help me please its really starting 2 bug the hell outta me


Okay, Girly, girl. I know from others that it is natural for your body to take care of itself. That is what your body is doing when you have your period. BUT!!! There are things in your life that can contribute to your irregularity. They are: (1) DIET: it has a lot to do with what your body throws off each month. If it is a lot of fat and sugar, then your uterus isn't going to like it very much. If you are overweight also, it is going to be a problem there because your body has to be in perfect shape to have a regular period. Okay? (2) HORMONES: If a woman is around other women whose periods are at different times of the month, then you could be stimulated by their cycle, also. It is a known fact that women effect others when they live together or are just around each other. It is in the air, I think. Check out books on the subject of the menstruation cycle and your local gynocologist and they can help you to understand it much better. Good luck nd God Bless.

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