Almost 2 years after c-section...?!


Almost 2 years after c-section...?

I give birth to my baby almost two years ago. The incision is not gone (like I hear from other women). The gyno told me it was a keloid (spelling??). That is not the problem. After I had the c-section I was unable to sleep on my side for a while because of sharp pulling sensation on my two sides . Now, after almost two years I still feel this exact same pain sometimes. I also have the same feeling of discomfort around the area as I did after the c-section when I empty my bladder. I told my doctor about it but she did not really think it was a problem. I am also having trouble concieving although I became pregnant within one month for the first baby. I will go to the docotor again to ask her about any problems that are causing our inability to have another baby. I am not totally happy with her but she sends me to this high risk pregnancy group that I absolutely love and trust. Any ideas about what could be causing this pain?


nerve entrapment is one idea but also plain ole adhesion's spindle like scar tissue some people develop but also caused from the cautery they use during surgery to stop little bleeds, if you keloid than you most likely develop adhesion's also for the scar you can have them inject some steroids to flatten out the scar for the adhesion they can laparoscopically remove them but this isn't very successful for long term as they return easily and the surgery to remove them can cause more, when you get pregnancy again and repeat c/section they will remove them, consecutive c/sec always take longer as a majority of women have them and don't even know it.

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