Changes with age i assume???!


Changes with age i assume???

ok.. i am 32 i have 3 kids and over the last few months I can tell when I ovulate... i get a horrible headache 2 days before my cycle....i have been to the doctor.. she says no to menopause said it is a hormone surge..okay.. now my breast hurt badly.. FYI.. my tubes are tied.... my last period was 2 days of a light brown discharge... i went back to doc.. she did nothing.. no blood nothing she said it was stress... not true... so the cycle insues...What could this be? Last month was the weirdest... now I dread what is next..

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3 weeks ago
pregnancy is something that i havent thought of because my tubes were tied 8 years ago... its all new symptoms here


~Do you have hot flashes or feel angry? How does she know it's not menopause, did she test you? You are young, but it's still possible.
I agree with the first answer, get a second opinion.~

**After we have a baby, we are so much more aware of our bodies. When I was pregnant, they did the normal sugar test (diabetes) and it was negative. I felt that he needed to test again and he said it wasn't necessary. After I had my baby, thank God they tested her, they had to give her a sugar shot. Listen to your body, like the lady above me says.
BTW, I'm surgically menopausal too.

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