Question about weight and period. Please answer.?!


Question about weight and period. Please answer.?

Please, serious answers only.
I want to know what could be a reason for me not getting my period. I'm 16 now and had my first period when I was 14, 2 years ago...and it's been very irregular. I had it every 5-6 months or so..and the last time I had it was 6 months ago. I've also lost alot of weight since last year. I am 5'1", small boned, and weigh 95 pounds. I was 110 last year and according to my Mom, I'm not getting my period because I have too little body fat. Is this true or could there be other reasons? If so, what are they?

My period has ALWAYS been abnormal so would gaining some fat make it normal?? My Mom also refuses to take me to a gynecalogist because she believes if I gain fat and be 110 pounds again, I'll get my period... do you need fat to get your period? Do skinny people get their periods? What other reasons could be for me not getting my period? Is 95 pounds too little?


Weight loss and gain will effect your hormones which in turn effect your periods. Go to a doctor just to be checked on.
There can be problems that aren't noticeable to you!
Like cysts on the ovaries.

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