No period for 4 months & I'm not pregnant.?!


No period for 4 months & I'm not pregnant.?

My last period was in Feb. 2007. My bf and I have been trying to conceive since that time. Since then I've taken numerous amounts of home preg. tests and blood test (ordered by doctors) and all is negative. I took a hormonal test which came out a little higher than usual. My stress levels are any day to day stress. =) I am a mother of a two-year-old, so conceiving shouldn't be a problem for me, or so I thought. Any advice or possible solutions?


How old are you?

If you are having difficulty trying to concieve, you should speak with your OBGYN. You should also speak with him/her about this long span without your period. One missed period, I would say do not worry... but that is a long time. There may be something wrong and it may be nothing. Go to the doctor.

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