Overnight camp...?!


Overnight camp...?

I'm going to overnight camp in August, for 2 weeks. I'm gonna have my period halfway through, and this is kinda suckish because it's a very private thing, and the camp is very non private (Meaning someone will find out)...Is there something I can do to make my period come when camp is done, or before camp? Or can I make it disappear for just one period? Well my mom and I aren't close so I dont know what to say. I hope I dont go to camp because I honestly hate my period that much. What can I do? How can I talk to my mom? Thanks.


just talk to her and tell her whats bothering you and I am sure she will be able to help you more than anyone, plus there is no way to skip it or make your period come sooner or later. dont stress over it cause stress might make it last longer or be heavier. just be prepared and all girls go through it and you will probably not be the only one thinking the same thing

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