What are other possible reasons for a missed period besides pregnancy?!


What are other possible reasons for a missed period besides pregnancy?

I have not been sexually active and I'm wondering why my period did not come on this month,any answers?

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3 weeks ago
I haven't been stressed


Missed periods, or amenorrhea as it's medically called, is common and perfectly natural in young girls who are in their first couple of years of menstruation.

However, for older females, an absent period is not normal and the reasons behind it should be investigated. The main causes of a missed period are as follows:

If you place yourself under significant stress, you can affect the area of the brain that produces the hormones required for properly functioning ovaries. Substantial weight loss can have a similar effect.

Overactive Thyroid:
An overactive thyroid gland can cause, amongst other things, absent or irregular periods.

This is perhaps the most well known cause of an absent period. If having missed a period, there is any possibility that you could be pregnant, you should probably take a pregnancy test immediately.

The menopause essentially means the end of mensuration and therefore the end of monthly periods.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome:
This condition results in large numbers of ovarian cysts which can cause absent or irregular periods.

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