Does my body hate me? Or is it just the pill?!


Does my body hate me? Or is it just the pill?

I think my body just hates me LOL! No seriously though, I have been on the birth control pill for almost 2 weeks. I was put on them because I am bleeding (more like spotting) for almost 2 months strait. Now, I am bleeding like a medium period. Frank red blood, as opposed to brownish, half dried up kinda old blood and clots like I was bleeding before. Honestly, I am SICK of bleeding. Oh and speaking of being sick, I am having terrible cramps and back cramps. The pill is Loestril Fe. Is this normal body behavior? Am I abnormal? Does anyone know if this is a sign of anything else, perhaps more serious?


This probably means the birth control u are takin does not contain a high enough level of estrogen call ur doctor and see if she/he thinks you should take a higher dose

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