Where can I find statistics on breast enlargement surgeries? I'd like to know th!


Where can I find statistics on breast enlargement surgeries? I'd like to know the good : bad turnout ratio.

My mother would like to get a breast augmentation in the fall and I was thinking about doing it also...But I'm a little skeptical since I've been hearing so many horror stories about leaking saline, hardening of breast tissue, incisions coming open and so on...I'd just like to know where I can find true facts about the overall turnout of peoples surgeries. I'd also be really interested in knowing of anyones personal experiences with breast augmentation...good or bad. Thanks!


I've listed three URLs below that have some information about your subject of interest. I'm a male, 59, and have had experience with a handful of partners who've had augmentation (my ex, two girlfriends, and two woman friends over the past 35 years.

I tried to convince my ex that I was very happy with her petite breasts (I'd always dated women who were small busted), but she was insistent on augmentation (this was before we married). I told her please do not do it for me, but if it was truly that important to her, I would not stop her....

She had surgery, didn't mind the doctor's orders not to lift or carry anything, and promptly pulled one of the tabs loose, and was going to have to have that side replaced. She was so happy going to a 'b' cup for that ten day period that she told her surgeon to go ahead and replace both with 'c' cup silicone implants <that's what they used in the early 70s>.

I found her <and other partners> breasts to be harder to the touch, less pliant. Two of my women friends said that their nipple sensitivity to sensual stimulation was decreased noticeably after augmentation. Two were able to nurse later in life when they had children, and two chose not to breastfeed, but said augmentation played no part in their decision.

There's still a lot of controversy about implant material 'leaking' and potentially causing problems <my ex has arthritis, but isn't sure it's cause/effect with augmentation>.

Interestingly, both my mom and my sister, who were well endowed, hated their larger breasts <36 and 38 D> and they seriously considered reduction surgery. So go figure.

Bottom line, you are wise to be skeptical, and very smart to do research into the pros and cons before, not afterwards, so you will have the ability to make an informed choice. Be sure your mom gets the same information you uncover, and best of luck no matter what you decide.

Peace be..... Bob H

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