I have strech marks???!


I have strech marks???

I'm not pregnant, and have never been pregnant. I don't know why i have then? I'm not even fat but i have strech marks on my breast and backside. Why are they there? I haven't gotten anymore accept them but it really bothers me is there a way that can cover it up that is permanent?

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3 weeks ago
Also, I'm younger then 18. And I'm not 100% sure they are strech marks but am pretty sure.

ps- would it bother guys? would they not want to be with me because of it?


I have the same problem. Im 16 im not fat and I have red lines on my boobs..... I went from a 34B to a 36C in like a month though lol so thats prolly why I got them. I read somewhere that if the marks are red then they will slowly disappear, if they are a silver color they are permanent. I also have them on my back/sides they arent really noticable but I hate them. I have a boyfriend and he said they are fine, he doesnt mind them at all. He said he didnt even notice them really until I pointed them out to him.
Put cocoa butter on after every shower, that will help.
Hope this helps.

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