Travelling with my period?!


Travelling with my period?

im going away for a week and im going to be on my period (i have long ones!) anyways, iv never travelled when im on before, this may seem like a silly question, but how many packets of pads should i need to take? im staying with granma and her boyfriend so i cant really buy any more once i get there. ( i know everyones different but just a rough idea!) also how should i deal with like diposing things, because im abit worried about throwing at away in their house? thanks


Buy the heavier pads for nighttime. I'd take at least 2 packs (18-20 per pack). Also, take some plastic bags (like the ones you get at the grocery) and put your "trash" in there. If you have an opportunity to put your "trash" in the trashcan there, do it. If not (and I know this will gross some people out), tie the bag(s) tightly and bring them home for disposal.

Your grandma will understand if you have any trouble. Don't be afraid to talk to her in private.

Good luck! :)

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