What is the best kind of flu medicine out there that does not make you drowsy?!

Question: I have a sick 4 mth old and 3 yr old on top of having the flu and I can't afford to be sick for long. Not to mention I can't take something that will put me to sleep.

Answers: I have a sick 4 mth old and 3 yr old on top of having the flu and I can't afford to be sick for long. Not to mention I can't take something that will put me to sleep.

If you haven't been sick more than 36 hours, see your doctor. Anti-viral meds available can get you over the flu in less than a week. (first site below) If you're nursing, doctors don't want you taking it. (I got the flu when my daughter was 18 months old, and they told me not to continue nursing her while on the meds.)

If you don't have that option, then you'll need lots of rest, and pain relievers. Tylenol is my medicine of choice, but you can use any OTC pain reliever. Take Sudafed for nasal stuffiness OR you can take Robitussin plain expectorant. (if you can handle taking both at the same time, that's OK, too). Any antihistamine will make you drowsy, but if you have allergies and take antihistamines, go ahead and take your usual dose. If there is an antihistamine that does not make you drowsy, you can take it. For cough, you can use any OTC med that has "DM" at the end of its name. Be careful to avoid cough meds with alcohol in them. Also, if you know of a cough remedy that doesn't make you drowsy, use it. Some people experience drowsiness with all cough remedies. But maybe there is one you already know you can take. You can use Emetrol to help with the nausea.

Or take another route: take Robitussin for congestion and cough, Tylenol (or other OTC pain med), and Emetrol.

To strengthen your body while you're getting better, rest as much as possible. Skip any chores that don't have to be done "right now". Nap when your kids nap. Don't try to be a supermom right now. I'd hate for you to get sicker (like with pneumonia..then you'd REALLY have a hard time taking care of your kids.) Drink plenty of clear fluids. Skip dairy products, as they will increase thick mucus. Eat light and try to eat foods that tend to soothe your tummy. I get a lot of relief by munching on rice crackers (thin, crispy round crackers sold in the Asian food section), honey graham crackers, and by drinking ginger ale. You can also drink club soda. Juices would be awesome. Try to get juices with plenty of vitamin C. If you like V-8 juices, they have a juice that is high in extra Vitamins A, C, and E. Fabulous for your body. BUT, it isn't a clear liquid. If you are having trouble with your tummy, V-8 wouldn't be a very good choice. But apple juice and white grape juice can help.

Finally, it's important to remember that the better you take care of yourself now, the shorter the flu will last. Rest every minute you can.

Tea (well for you at least)

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