What do you call a Disease that can be passed from Person to person?!

Question: I.e. Aids or Flu.

Also, what do you call one that can not be passed from person to person - such as Cancer.

Answers: I.e. Aids or Flu.

Also, what do you call one that can not be passed from person to person - such as Cancer.

A disease is a pathological condition of the body that presents a group of clinical signs and symptoms and laboratory findings peculiar to it and that sets the condition apart as an abnormal entity differing from other normal or pathological body states. The term "disease" is not to be confused with "illness". Anticipated disease is that which may be predicted to occur in individuals with a certain genetic, physical, or environmental predisposition. A "communicable" disease is that in which the causative organism is transmissible from one person to another either directly or indirectly through a carrier or vector. A "congenital" disease is present at birth and may be due to hereditary factors such as prenatal infection, injury, or the effect of a drug the mother took during pregnancy. A "contagious" disease is an infectious disease that is readily transmitted from one person to another. Other types of disease are the following: autoimmune, chronic, constitutional, degenerative, endemic, epidemic, familial, hereditary, iatrogenic, idiopathic, infectious, maliginant (cancer and other diseases that are rapidly progressing whereas the person will die within a short period of time), occupational, pandemic, and psychsomatic, among other specifc classifications of diseases.
Some cancers are inherent and others are due to lifestyle choices; either way, cancer is the unregulated, disorganized proliferation of cell growth stimulated by various chemicals, viruses, and physical agents such as ionizing radiation and UV light.
Perhaps you are referencing "immunity"? There are two types "passive" and "acquired". AIDS is "Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome" and one gets ithis condition from the HIV or Humanimmunodeficiency Virus. The flu is also a virus.

contagious or infectious....

the other answer: not transmissible.

I'm not sure of the exact word you're looking for but if it could be passed to others it is a communicable disease or contagious. If it can't be passed on it is non-contagious..


or, perhaps, contagious

Contagious? Infections?

i dont know the second one, sorry.


non-communicable means it is not contagious communicable means it is contagious

communicable and non-transmittal

communicable or incommunicable

contagious (sorry, I can't spell)

communicable and non-communicable


I'd say contagious or communicable.

Not sure about the other one though,maybe someone else knows x

Non-communicable. But there are other names for them, as all are different classes of disease.

umm well if it IS passable it is CONTAGIOUS if it is NOT passable then i think it is called NON CONTAGIOUS!!?? i think that is right i mean ik that the contagious answer is right im not quit sure about the not passable one but that wuld be my closest guess!!! if that answers ur question!!! :)

You cannot get cancer from a person, unless it is heriditary, meaning your previous generations have had it, and there is a chance you can get it.

The diseases/sicknesses you can get from another person are titled depending on how they are transmitted. Aids is not transmitted from one person to another, the HIV virus is (unfortuantely I was just diagnosed with it Friday resulting from a monogamous relationship,) Diseases such as HIV, Chlaymidia, Gonnorhea, etc. are called Sexually Transmitted DIseases. The flu, and other diseases like that are just known as contagous sicknesses.

Well technically Cancer can be pass from a person to another person, but it only happen within the family. In my opinion nail disease cannot be pass from a person to another person, or stomached, headache, yea something like that.


contagious disease !!
second is non-contagious!

There isn't really one name for it being you have different kinds of diseases and different ways that they can be passed. Like STD's is the name of one of them, but not all diseases are std's, but can still be passed on to another, like parkinsons disease, which can be genetic.

contagious is the word but you are wrong about cancer you dont catch cancer of someone it is not contagious

communicable- can be caught

and I don't know about the other one.

passed from person to person - communicable, contagious


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