What to do after heart attack?!

Question: 46 years old just had my first heart attack what to do now

Answers: 46 years old just had my first heart attack what to do now

Stop smoking NOW
Walk 30 minutes per day, fast enough to get to a sweat, with OK from MD
Eat proscribed diet; reduce fats from animals, use good oils like olive & canola, eat ocean going fish 3 times a week, and follow your doctor's rules to the letter. Meditate, sing, enjoy life; it is precious. I am so glad you survived!

Follow the suggestions of your doctor. Exercise, healthy diet, no smoking, lose weight, and anticholesterol/beta blockers/anti-hypertensives/anti-platele... agents as prescribed.

did you confirm it by blood test? FBS, Cholesterol panel,CK exams and others?

next take the "stress test" its like a threadmill test wherein there are gadgets attached to you body checking your pulse rate,blood pressure,oxygen level every now and then.

and a graph is made.there are standard measurement taht they are using example your the 3 parameters should be at this level at the start of your test and going up and up after 5,10 mins then goes down tot his level after some time.

diet and ligh exercise will also help

Agree with the answer above. Your doctor will give you your needed life changes. Your diet. Your activity. Your medicines. What you need to know is your numbers. Your LDL, HDL, & TC. Control your Blood Pressure and continue to have your system checked out. This website will help with understanding how you can take control of your body:


IGNORE the low saturated fat diet FALSE advice

I am sorry about the heart attack but saturated fat did NOT cause it.


Plkease read these books The Cholesterol Myths and The Great Cholesterol Con by Dr Uffe Ravnskov and Anthony Colpo

They just might save your life REALLY


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