What are some healthy low calorie snacks?!

Question: i know fruits and veggies but what else?

Answers: i know fruits and veggies but what else?

You can eat all the veggies you want. I just joined weight watchers and it is really helpful. I don't have much to lose but yogurt is good too.

rice cakes. corn cakes. not eating??

i love the Quaker rice snacks. they come in all different flavors. i always put peanut butter on mine. so yummy!

They break away my "junk food" craving.

Only 100 calories.

popcorn w/o butter or salt is good, almost a "free" food. even better for you if made w/ an air popper, and not in oil.

if you do want a flavor on it, try squeezing some lemon juice. it's pretty good.

the 100 calorie snack packs you get in the store

dont always look for whats low calorie. Go for something that will fill you up for longer like oatmeal bars!

pretzels; 3 large ones and you are full and no fat

i love yogurt, berries and granola.

i love berries

i love low fat frozen yogurt, cherry garcia my fave ... and not too fattening

hope this helps
i am getting the yummies

Dust. Anyone? No? Bit 'o dust? Anyone? No?

lol check out the link

Light microwave popcorn, Pretzel Slims, Cracker Jack rice cakes, nonfat yogurt, sugar-free jello with fruit, thin pizza with skim milk based cheese

the only one i remember is special k gronala bars u can find at like frys or somethin i also know like this other one but i think it was like nashia or somethin u can find it on tv all the time email me at sparklicherri@yahoo.com to tell me how it goes

try a slim jim...it slow in calories, bullion cubes too , how about thin sliced turkey breast,

olives good too.......n how about smoked salmon,. what about boiled beef, heh? an egg, YES AN EGG! hrd boiled, please. no mayonaise, or poland springs or polanaise or margerino , THENX!

oxtail stump aint good, stay off that mulberry pie, a la mode! ( i heard from a mole).......and the sinew on rye's got ta go please....partake in community activities...insure that the electrical wiring in your home is in good staed n your ironin board don't collapse when the proctor soilex gets plugged into the outlet, and you steam n press,,,,,,,lose a few pounds i say. REDUCE!

Plain popcorn is a good one and it is rated high for satiety. It keeps you feeling full longer. Apples and oranges are also rated very high. Choose a snack that is not too low in calories otherwise you end up hungry all the time. Quick oats is another one.

I love the Dannon Light N Fit Fat Free Yogurts. The 4 oz has 40 calories and no fat and the larger 6 oz size has 60 calories, no fat, and I think between 5-8 grams of protein. They're pretty low cal, tasty, and really filling!

yogurt is the best

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