Is it true that diet coke can make you gain weight?!

Question: I`m trying to gain some pounds...Any advice?

Answers: I`m trying to gain some pounds...Any advice?

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Diet coke doesn't really have many calories but it is not a healthy drink. If you want to gain weight, do it the healthy way. You can increase your caloric intake with nutrient rich, higher quality foods. Diet coke is low in calories but has aspartame which isn't healthy to consume a lot of. Try to avoid soft drinks as they are just fillers and have no nutritional value. There are a lot of calories (bad calories) in non-diet soft drinks, but there is only about 1 calorie in a can of diet coke.

A 330 ml can of Diet Coke contains around 1.3 calories (5 kilojoules) compared to 142 calories (595 kJ) for a regular can of Coca-Cola..

yes. The salt makes you thirsty and hungry...

get a personal trainer

if u wanna gain weight eat lots of carbs and proteins...

diet coke makes u crave foods...thats about all i know but ive heard that it does make u gain weight. if ur trying to gain i wouldnt drink diet coke just drink mountain dew or something cuz it has more in it that would make u gain weight. diet coke might make u gain weight but its not alot if any and its over a period of time im sure

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