What is the best time of day to exercise???!

Question: 6-9 am

Answers: 6-9 am

two pm

In the morning.

A time of the day that doesn't have a big, huge, blazing sun and that doesn't have a super-cold freezing temperature. Sometime that has a great, normal weather with no rain, hail, hurricanes, tornados, etc.

After breakfast in the morning. I'm going to try that but wish me luck because I'm not a morning person myself.

Exercise is beneficial at any time, or even broken up into multiple but smaller time frames. A lot say morning, i personally can't exercise in the morning because my energy levels are low. Everyone is different and exercise is always good regardless of the time. You need to wait certain times after eating before exercising: i'm pretty sure it is 1 hr for a snack, 2 hr for a small meal, 3 hours for a large meal, this is what i use as a guideline to avoid lethargy/stitches etc. And eat something within 30min after exercise to refuel, plus your metabolism will still be burning at a fast rate as well.

Try 4:43 PM. You will be really motivated then i bet. In the afternoon going into the night. I can feel it. That is your time.

Evening (an hour before sunset). This is because according to studies, people are less prone to injuries as the body is warmed-up as opposed to early morning.

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