Whats a good easy snack to make?!

Question: that is healthy, im really trying to loose weight, but im hungry?

Answers: that is healthy, im really trying to loose weight, but im hungry?

I like crackers with low fat cheese melted for about 20 seconds in the microwave.

Whole wheat crackers and low fat cheese is healthy. You can even slice tomatoes and add that..

fruits! i also love this muesli grain cereals that i buy. I just put some yogurt drink on it and maybe some fruits and that's it!

When eating or snacking remember the 3 - 2 - 1 rule.

3 Parts Carbs, 2 parts Protein and 1 Part Fat.

Remember there are two categories of Carbs simple and complex. Proteins tend to be animal in nature but there is also soy veggie protein. And fat is both animal and vegetable.

The rule of thumb is eat more complex carbs. Fiber and leafy greens then simple carbs sugar(fruit first then candy or cake)

Eat Vegetable or Lean Animal Protein (not fried or very fatty)

Then eat a little bit of fat. Vegetable fat is better than animal fat(Avocados before double cheeseburger) Since we are basically animals we don't need extra generally except for maybe fish fat (omega 3/6).

An Idea snack is Whole wheat turkey sandwich with a teaspoon of mayo with lettuce and low-fat cheese.

A Whole Grain Cereal with low-fat or fat free milk and strawberries or blueberries.

Three to five Cheddar Cheese Squares with Apple Slices skins on.

Remember FAT taste good but has twice the calories of protein and carbs and fat is not filling. So you'll eat and eat not get full but get fat. I listed some good snak links below.

Depends on if you want sweet or salty. Or crunchy?

If you're gonna have a snack (especially if you're actually hungry) it's gotta satisfy.

For sweet I like at whole cup of non-fat/low-fat cottage cheese loaded with chunk pineapple (or mandarin oranges or fruit cocktail). Make sure the fruit is canned in its own juice and not heavy syrup. The cheese will make you feel like you feel more satisfied.

For salty, I like cheese and crackers. Get a decent whole wheat cracker and the Laughing Cow Light cheese. It comes in a round container with individual wedges inside. You can eat a good amount of that snack (1 whole wedge and 6 - 10 crackers) and it is hardly any Points if you go by Weight Watchers (excellent). Both the bready cracker and the cheese satisfy.

If you want volume, you can't go wrong with just fruit. Try a banana, an apple, AND some grapes.

Make sure you're drinking your water during the day, too. That will help curb the cravings.

Hmmm. Now I'm hungry. lol. See you. I'm gonna go get a snack. :)

have nuts like almond and cashew.If u r allergic to nuts than have salad.ill tell u the ingredients to make the salad:

salsa salad-
red chilly powder
salt to taste
chop the tomatoes,cucumber and onions.add lime juice and red chilly powder.add salt to taste.toss it.mix it well and ur salad is ready to eat.accompany with orange juice.

peanut butter: on celery,a banana, a slice of bread, crackers, or just a big ol spoonful

granola bars

yogurt, with extra fresh fruit and granola if you want

fresh fruit- apples, bananas, grapes, strawberries, etc.

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