Girls can u rate me abs out of 10 tell me if they are hot or not?!

Question: btw im only 16 so tell me if ud like ur bf to have tht

Answers: btw im only 16 so tell me if ud like ur bf to have tht

i'm not gonna diss you, im not going to hit on you.
imma tell you tha truth.,

you really need to gain weight, adn then work out.
then you'd get more muscular, also try HEALTHY tanning.
dont go to tanning salons,. but when summer comes around try tanning. then i'm positive you're going to be flawless.
hopefully u take my advice.
right now your a 2.
not a diss. just you need improvement.

no im not going to look

and i can see that you have lost sense of dignity asking this question to total strangers


ok well you need to tan. you are as white as snow. and shave your belly hair. you aren't that ripped you are just skinnny. i would give you a 4.5

Sorry, not for me. I like a guy with a little meat on his bones.


hahaa owned over the internet

I'm a straight guy, so rather than rate your abs I'll give you some advice.

Posting a photo and asking people to rate your abs is just fishing for compliments. It's a sign of insecurity - you're not comfortable with the changes that are happen during puberty and you'd love to hear some positive reinforcement.

Girls like ripped abs. But they like guys who are not obviously, glaringly insecure better.

Mate this is nothing, u called this abs even though u r 16 but honestly ur body looks like alien, no joke lol

3, you are too skinny... u might be beginning training? wait for the results, i think its better if u join swimming team.. seriously just look at those guys.. so hot .. not BULKY nor skinny= sexy. i'm 15 and i adore wide bodies.. like swimmers..

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