Can u guys tell me how i can make this abs much better?!

Question: btw im only 16 so no weights

Answers: btw im only 16 so no weights

hmm sexy but try different kinds of ab exercises keep working them it could just be the way your abs are formed and cant really do anything about that =]

try to drink some pills..
i guess thats the fastest way to get abs..
though there are some side effects

#1 thing is diet. I don't care if you do 10,000 crunches a day, no one will see it if you are fat.
#2. Lose body fat. A balance of cardio and some weights. Not heavy, like 25lbs dumbells and plenty of stretching.
#3. Try these next 5 ab exercises. Do 20 each. 5x20=100
it's better than doing 100 crunches because it targets the upper, lower, mid and left and right sides of your abs. Lie on your back:
1. Regular 1/2 way up abs crunch. Hold 2-3 seconds at the top.
2. Keep torso straight, but fold legs to the left and do a 1/2 way abs crunch and again hold 2-3 seconds at the top.
3. Repeat #2 but fold legs to the right
4. Leg lifts: keep legs straight and about 2inches from the ground. Lift legs up to 1 - 2 feet, then bring down to 2inches.
5. Bicycles.
Once you feel comfortable with this increase to 25 each and keep adding 5 more...Every other day or every 2 days only....

I'm a personal trainer. You may not like the suggesting i'm about to give you so I am going to give you a link to some ab exercises as well.

You need to do Pilates. I am going to include a link to a website with Pilates exercises but I am also giving you a link to a Pilates for Men. Pilates gets label as girlie exercises. But many professional football players, golfers and even hockey player benefit from the deep abdominal engagement offered by pilates.

You could also by a book from a book store (link below)

Good Luck bud. Your efforts will pay off it you remain persistent and consistent.

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