Has anyone done the cambridge diet?!

Question: how did it make you feel. how did you get on?

Answers: how did it make you feel. how did you get on?

I've read some stuff on it but it didn't sound like a very realistic option imo. Also there are quite a lot of health concerns about the dangerously low calorie intake.

It is essentially getting your daily vitemins and minerals and starving yourself, but using an appitite suppressent so you don't feel starved.

You know, i've tried loads of diets and they never worked.

Then i simply made a decision to reduce portions, eat slowly and restrict myself to three meals a day, fruit for snacks and lots of warm drink to curb the desire to binge.

I completely avoid chocolate and crisps because i don't want to remind myself how good it tastes. They are now "only a mouthful at special occasions" :)

I have been at it about 5 weeks and have lost about 9lbs.

The first two weeks take a lot of will power, but after that it is just part of my routine :)

I have 2 toast, butter (yes) and marmite OR dry egg whites scrambled with half a tin of beans for lunch.

A 500kcal (no more) ready meal - great for seeing kcals for tea.

And if i get really hungry in the evening, i'll have another toast ot a handful or cereal.

Yes, i miss breakfast - but that is easier for me than going to bed hungry ;)

I tried it years ago. Just another in a long line of expensive failures. Try Weightwatchers or Slimming World. It is the only way.

I haven't tried it myself but my freind did it and she lost over a stone in 3 and a half weeks for her wedding.

I've found the only way i can lose weight is by examining the fat contents of the foods i eat, and only eat foods that have less than 4 per cent fat. There is a surprising amount of things that you can have. I was always stuffed, and still lost weight.


I wanted to but i could not get to Cambridge

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