I know this sounds stupid but how come as much as i eat i never get big like oth!

Question: i eat mainly junk food such as candy an i hate healthy type of food such as baked stuff

Answers: i eat mainly junk food such as candy an i hate healthy type of food such as baked stuff

A high metabolism is working to your advantage right now. But keep in mind that as you get older (late 30s and after), your metabolism begins to slow down, and if you don't cut down your eating habit to reflect this, then you grow fat. This is part of the reason you see a lot of older people with pot bellies.

If there were a global food shortage where famine becomes epidemic, people with high metabolism are the first ones to die of starvation. Fat, obese people are the last ones to go, because of their bodies' lower metabolism rate.

haha some people are like that.. for some one day all of a sudden it just all comes on

I can answer that question in 2 words.....fast metabolism. Enjoy it while you can because one day, all those years of eating junk is going to catch up with you!

You must have a brilliantly fast metabolism!

My sister is like that. She could eat non-stop and never put on a lb.
Unlike me,who only has to eat a bag of chips,and i feel them go straight to my hips and stomach!

Fast metabolism.

This is because you have a high metabolism. But you should slow down because when you get into your 30's your metabolism will slow down.

Let me guess, you are rather young? I am 35 and always had a steady, slimmer weight while eating and drinking what I wanted. All the sudden, one day, a couple years ago, I had 15 extra pounds. It seriously will creep up on you, at some point.

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